Scam report haa

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May 23, 2020
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Deal Date / Scamming date:
June 22nd 2020

Amount scammed:
325$ BTC

Details about the Incident:
Ok so to start off I bought the Minecraft acc “Cart” off-site using zyger ass mm, everything smooth fast deal, after a week of having it I find a buyer and flipped the acc to a user offsite on ogu using awhile as mm. At the time the account wasn’t still email changeable when I sold it which was June 5th and I had told him that it wasn’t email changeable and I told him that he had to wait a couple of weeks to change it. So on June 22nd he told me that he had loosen access to the acc and email. At that time I asked him if he changed the email on it and he told me he wasn’t able to. So I immediately contacted the email provider and managed to recover the email but all of the emails in it were encrypted and I wasn’t able to recover them. So on the 24th of June I checked the og market discord and saw the acc for sale and I asked how he obtained and he had told he had boughten of a polish hacker and that he wanted to stay his identity private. And now I managed to recover the email but the acc has been email changed. So I either want to return the 325$ BTC to my buyer or the acc back to him.

Also will like to mention that we lost the dm’s in which we did the deal. But we have restated it again

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