Scam report haa

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May 23, 2020
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Details about the Incident:
Yesterday bikkie contacted me saying if I sold my main, I said didnt and found out haa was selling it, I was surprised because its my main 'Dies' and never leaked any info of it, I realised I was hacked and told haa that it was my account and I have tid/oge, I asked him how he got it and he told me that he had bought it from some polish dude, I told him to give me his discord and he said the polish dude wants to keep it private I asked him for some SS's but he refused said he cant go against what the polish dude says, next thing I know he transfered it knowing it was rightfully my account, I asked him why he transfered it and he said "dude I bought it from said I should transfer it" like come on its my account, I told him to ask the dude for a refund and the dude refused, at this point he shouldnt have transfered it he should have opened a dd on the polish dude or try resolve something with him, I would like my account back, or to pay me the worth of the account back, I would really appreciate if @cry handled this because a similar thing happened with him, I would like your opinion on what should happen.

I can send SS's on discord to any staff